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The Five-Minute Energy Shift

Feeling a bit off? Did someone grab the last cup of coffee … again?

On those days when getting out from under a cloud seems to take eons, fear not. It’s actually quite possible for your perspective to change faster than you can say “Italian Roast.”

This clip is taken from one of my recent live classes. It is a simple yet oddly powerful guided meditation that offers quick results. Once you align with the method, it can take far less than five minutes to see the sun again.

The simple part? Uncomplicated guidance can be quite effective because it’s easily remembered and there is room for you to find your natural flow.

The oddly powerful part? You will align with Source / All That Is / Universal Consciousness which is, among other things, your point of creation.

Five-Minute Energy Shift
Listening Tips:

May your energy shifts be delightful!