Intuitive Arts Studio

How I See It

Intuition is so much simpler than I first realized.

My initial schooling/ideas had me sitting, standing, meditating, clothed, living, and speaking in very particular (and somewhat rigid) ways. At first it felt as if I was really getting somewhere, learning it all, doing it right. But I never quite felt it.

So, I began to investigate.

After a gigantic pile of experiments coupled with a lot of coffee and some interpretive dance, I discovered that intuition is based on a few plain truths. When these truths are self-realized, your intuitive style and flow will naturally reveal itself.

Here’s the scoop...

1. Everyone is Intuitive

You are born with intuition. It’s an inherent part of your inner survival kit that keeps you out of dark alleys when the wind howls or checks your urge to add more pepper to the sauce. You may not follow its guidance because you get to choose what you do, but if you wonder if you have intuition … the answer is yes.

2. Intuition is a Skill

Actually, it is a collection of skills that encompass the subtle forms of your visual, auditory, knowing, and felt senses. These all work in tandem with each other, rather like the way you run, leap, and swing at a tennis ball. As with any ability, your intuition will flourish when cultivated or go dormant when suppressed. It won’t vanish – which is cool - but your grip may feel odd when you pick up that racket again.

3. Your Intuition is as Unique as Your Personality

You wear chartreuse socks, laugh loudly at comic strips, and believe there is no such thing as a dull moment. You drink only dark roast coffee – black – and prefer berets to fedoras. In other words, you are an individual which means that your intuitive abilities will express themselves in kind. If you try to use your intuition in a manner counter to its natural expression, you won’t get far. Your intuition is your intuition.

4. Intuitive Abilities Live in the Subtle Zone

It’s rather simple… if you want to swim in a lake you’ll pretty much have to go to a lake. Your intuition is part of your inner awareness and to access it means learning what this distinctive, subtle area feels like for you. Otherwise, what you think is an intuitive message might simply be a memory or an outdated belief, especially if it’s accompanied by any emotion. Tip: intuition is extremely neutral.

5. Uncovering Your Intuition Takes Experimentation

Knowledge is important but reading about how to bake croissants doesn’t taste quite as good as the real thing. A studio gives you freedom to explore, take risks, get messy, and find the gem under a pile of stuff you thought didn’t work. You gain confidence as you discover and apply what works while tossing the rest. To turn your intuition into a talent means using it enough to know its recipe by heart.

Spark your intuition

& let’s see where it takes you